BC Peace Region Bee Club

A group of honey bee enthusiasts, beekeepers, located at:

British Columbia Peace River Region Canada

Fort St John, Dawson Creek, Hudsons Hope, Chetwynd and nearby areas.


WELCOME to the BC Peace Region Bee Club website. The purpose of this website is to serve as an entry point into information and activities related to the BC Peace Region Bee Club and to serve its membership as a portal into valuable resources, links, and online member discussions.

Much of this site is open to the public. In general, the bulk of the site is meant to serve as a community hub of Peace region beekeeping that is easy to find and easy to use. In the pages visitors will find information be presented with essential and mandatory beekeeper Education Library topics for anyone considering keeping bees and expecting to be successful at doing so. There is a lot of content in each of the pages and at the external sites that the links will take you to.

You will find on this site:

  • How to join the Bee Club (JOIN US page)

  • Bee Club events calendar

  • Bee Club member discussions and resources

  • How to contact the Bee Club (CONTACT US page)

  • How to get involved (CONTACT US page)

  • How to reach a beekeeper if you are interested in hosting hives on your property (CONTACT US page)

  • Upcoming Club workshops, field days, webinars, conferences

  • The Beekeepers Education and References Library

  • Useful and essential links to external pages filled with beekeeping information

  • Real time hive monitoring charts - applying technology to beekeeping

  • Gallery of random pictures and videos of Bee Club member stuff and events

  • Buy and Sell. What is available locally for equipement and beestocks

  • Interesting History clips of beekeeping in the Peace Region

Have a look around and fully explore each section. There is a TON of content. Hopefully you will find this website a helpful resource.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please take a moment to reach out using the CONTACT US page.


Claude P.