The Bee Club has members looking for bees and has members who supply bees. Word of mouth can have limited successes and variable results. To help the membership with this, each year in February through June the Bee Club attempts to help these members find each other through Bee Club meetings and basic contacts signup forms. The Club takes no role in arranging beestock nor does it partake in any transactions. Only the bee wanters <-> bee havers contact information is collected and relayed out to the participants. Once they have the contacts, the parties are responsible for reaching out to each other and making their arrangements. For 2021 we will use online forms tools. If you are looking for local bees from within the Club or if you have bees available to offer within the Club, please use this link to get to the form and participate in the program. 2021 Bee Club Beestock Form

On the form add your details and indicate what you have or what you want. After some time for sufficient responses to generate a contacts list you will get the info sent to you. For privacy reasons, the contact info is not published. It is only distributed to the participants in this Bee Club Beestocks program, only those who have filled out the form.