Keeping Bees in BC

Keeping Bees In BC:

The ins and outs of all the important resources made available by the BC Ministry o f Apiculture and of course the guidelines and regulations (laws) you need to be aware to keep bees in BC.

YES! You can have a beehive in town - BUT. ... just like not all yards are suitable for a dog, cat, rabbit, horse, or whatever beast; neither are all yards suitable for bees. A beehive has basic environmental needs that must be met for it to be healthy. In town there are also close neighbor considerations that have to looked at for the safety of the bees and the people around them. Before making any plans please seek out and consult with an experienced beekeeper for a site visit to assess your property. If given a thumbs up, then check your local bylaws for the allowances, requirements, and restrictions for your property.

Here is the Bees bylaw for Fort St John:

Here is the Bees bylaw for Dawson Creek, goto page 13/14:

When you are sorted out and have got a good plan. Next is to get your bees, or get in progress of getting them. Check out the Buy and Sell section of this Bee Club website for supplies. After you have a spot, and you have your bees, go to the Membership Join Us page and join the Bee Club!