For Sale

Formic Pro; Varroa parasitic mite treatment pads. 8 packages (16 strips), 8$ a package. Contact Becky Sparks: 2five0-2six1-21nine7

Formic Pro; varroa parasitic mite syndrome treatment pads. Approx 22 packages available. Contact Clayton Beale: 250-2six4-23oneone

Beekeeping tools and equipment. Tools, veils, gloves, smokers, woodenware, etc. All sorts of stuff. If you need something please give me a call or text. Contact: Jay Wagner, 2five0-26two-9three40, CharlieLake-FSJ

Honey Extractors. For Rent and For Sale. 4 frame tangential, 6 frame radial, electric powered. For details Contact: Jay Wagner, 2fifty-26two-9three4zero, FSJ-CharlieLake

Bee Club Honey Extractor. 4 frame tangential with reversible swing baskets. This style works really well. Needs a thorough cleaning and some basic TLC to be operational. Free to members to use. Option to keep/buy the extractor by making by donation to Bee Club - arrange with Colin.. Contact: Colin RunAcres: 250-26one-16four7

SOLD: Honey Extractor. For Sale. For details contact: David Gerber: 2fifty-26one-eight85six , Charlie Lake-FSJ

Old School Glass Queen Catcher and Queen Marking Tube. I have a very old school glass queen catcher and marker tube that I would love to rehome if somebody would like it. Very Kool! Contact: Colleen Brown, 2fifty-79three-twoeleven5

Sawn Lumber, any custom size. SPF and other. 2x4, 2x6, 2x8, 2x10, 1x4, 1x6, 1x8, 1x10 and custom sizes as requested. The typical length is 16'. Cut from dry logs. Contact Jerzy Pilch. 7seven8 2five6 75two7