CONTACT US: Do you have any questions, general comments, suggestions, requests? To contact the BC Peace Bee Club fill out the form below. Someone will get back to you via email as soon.

Contact US: Information Form

GET INVOLVED: The functions of the Bee Club are run BY its members and volunteers FOR its members and the communities that we live in. You do not have to be a beekeeper to help. You have special skillsets we need or maybe you just want to be a worker bee wherever whenever whatever. There are activities that ensure the Bee Club, its functions, and community events run smoothly. These need worker bees on them. To get involved, check this out for some ideas of what those are and submit your information to join the team.

GET INVOLVED: Roles Information and volunteer Form

BEE A HOST: Are you interested in hosting beehives on your property? There may be local beekeepers interested in doing so. Use this form to introduce yourself and to provide some basic information. This is emailed only to the Peace Region Bee Club members. If any of the beekeepers are interested they will contact you directly person to person.

IMPORTANT: Other than maintaining the contacts information, the Bee Club does not track or coordinate hive locations. Nor does the Bee Club have any affiliations with the activities of each beekeeper. The Club only provides this form as a way for people interested in hosting beehives to get their information in front of local beekeepers. Your information is secure within the administration of the Bee Club. The list is not viewable by the public, only viewable by Bee Club members.

Bees Hosting Information Form